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June Jones returns to head-coaching ranks in CFL

June Jones is a head coach once again.

The well-traveled Jones will take charge of the Canadian Football League’s Hamilton Tiger-Cats, the team announced Thursday. He was appointed to the position by the man he replaces, Kent Austin, who also serves as the team’s vice president of football operations.

Colin Kaepernick carried his national anthem protest to the regular season.

The 49ers backup quarterback again took a knee Monday prior to his team’s opener against the Los Angeles Rams. Teammate Eric Reid knelt alongside Kaepernick, and players from both teams raised their fists to protest injustice against minority groups.

ESPN did not shy away from showing the protests. It zoomed in on Kaepernick and Reid, who knelt behind an American flag that covered the entire field at Levi’s Stadium. The network’s cameras also stayed on the 49ers and Rams players who raised their fists.

The announcer team of Chris Berman, Steve Young and Lindsay Czarniak took several minutes after the anthem to analyze the protests. Czarniak reported that fans sitting behind Kaepernick yelled to the quarterback to stand up. Berman closed the coverage by saying, “To each their own, and all discussions pointing in the right direction.”

Curry was the most overpaid non-injured player in the NFL on a per-snap basis last year. He has never been more than a situational player who should earn around $3 million-$3.5 million a season, but the Eagles took a huge gamble that he could be more when they signed him to this mega contract last year. Curry certainly did not live up to it with just 2.5 sacks.seahawks_099

Identical twins Marcus and Markieff Morris now play for the Celtics and Wizards, who hate each other

Marcus Morris was traded to the Boston Celtics on Friday morning along with a second-round pick in exchange for Avery Bradley. It was a salary dumping move for the Celtics, who can now happily sign their prize free agent, Gordon Hayward. But this trade means so much more than it appears on the surface, for both Boston and the Washington Wizards.

It means a TWINS war between Marcus and Markieff Morris (who are incredibly identical) and now play for rival teams (who incredibly hate each other).

Porter was also an option for the Utah Jazz after they lost Gordon Hayward, but that was always a longshot given their cap situation.

For Smith Jr., the road to recovery was hard, and started the day of his diagnosis last year. Smith Jr. knew before he even left California that he had torn his ACL, an injury that would require him to sit out at least 10 months and miss his entire senior year of basketball. But when he got home, he quickly realized that the injury 鈥?while serious 鈥?might not have been as worse as originally feared. There was no pain and swelling in his knee, allowing doctors to operate almost right away. And when they did go in for surgery, they found a surprise:

Limited Youth Cameron Sutton Jersey [Green] just texted me one day and said, ‘You should do a deal with Mack,’ said Mack. Ever since I was a kid, just hearing my dad talk about Mack Trucks, it always stood out to us and made us feel like we were connected to something important. Something bigger than ourselves.
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The 40-year-old ex-Piston was expected to replace David Griffin, who stepped down as Cavs GM in June after citing an issue with the fit in Cleveland that he could not overlook. Griffin wanted a pay raise and more power within the organization after steering Cleveland 鈥?albeit with the help of LeBron James 鈥?to three consecutive NBA Finals appearances and its first-ever championship in 2016.

Paul Pierce’s buzzer-beater that wasn’t for the Wizards in 2015 was so freakin’ cool

Sure, that works. Never mind the fact that you’d normally have to be a student with good academic standing to participate in your school’s athletics. But who has time for nuance? Let’s see Air Bud do his thing.

Authentic Julien Gauthier Jersey Sitting in Madison Square Garden all day waiting for your team to play a rival is one of the best parts of the Big East Tournament. You get all the benefit of March Madness heating up combined with the knowledge that your favorite team might put forth a classic performance.

Paul Pierce’s buzzer-beater that wasn’t for the Wizards in 2015 was so freakin’ cool … until it was called off. This was the same series that Pierce didn’t call bank, he called game. I’ll never forget hearing my mom scream for like two straight minutes and the entirety of the Verizon Center shook. I wish I could forget having to explain to her that the shot didn’t count though.
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For Christmas 2004, I got a pair of tickets for Heat-Lakers. I have no idea how my parents got me those tickets and I have never asked, but I probably should. This was Shaq’s first game back in LA after his beef with Kobe finally imploded and he was sent to the Miami Heat in exchange for Lamar Odom, Caron Butler, and Brian Grant.

My younger brother and I sat in the cheap seats before the game speculating about what would happen right before tip off. Would Shaq and Kobe acknowledge each other (they did, but barely)? Would the Lakers have an emotional video package during player introductions (duh)? Would I buy an overpriced meal from the in-arena McDonald’s (also, duh)?

‘NBA 2K’ reveals Lonzo Ball’s and Markelle Fultz’s player ratings

NBA 2k18 revealed its ratings for the first two picks in the draft, Markelle Fultz and Lonzo Ball, on Twitter Tuesday night. They will both start the game ranked 80 overall. That’s pretty good!

It’s an odd development for a team Irving said is in a peculiar place as it maneuvers this offseason after losing to the Warriors in last season’s NBA Finals.

As for the jersey itself, the new design also features a logo from the Cavs’ sponsor, Goodyear, as well as the swoosh from Nike, which took over for Adidas as the NBA’s jersey makers this season.
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It is unclear whether Irving and Cleveland can reconcile before the regular season starts, and the Cavs front office has looked for the biggest return it can get from the league in exchange for an All-Star starter. But judging from Cleveland’s most recent video, it appears Irving in a Cavaliers jersey next season isn’t as far from reality as many had thought.

Mullens might be the best example of a player turning one crazy outlier performance against Rivers into a contract.

Mullens’ NBA career was pretty meh. But against Rivers’ Celtics in 2013, he turned in what was probably the best game of his career. He had 18 rebounds, a career high. He had 25 points, his third-best scoring outing ever. And he drilled 4-of-5 threes, absolutely ridiculous for a career 31 percent shooter.
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Four months later, Rivers took the Clippers job and a few weeks after that, the Clippers signed Mullens.

If Giancarlo Stanton wants to think 61 is the real single-season home run record, let him

Et tu, Stanton? As an unabashed Barry Bonds partisan, it’s unsettling to see this discussion begin. Because you know how it ends. It ends with every Chud & Chud In The Morning radio show agreeing that, yes, 61 home runs is the legitimate record. There will be entire episodes of Yelling My Opinion devoted to the idea. If you’re unwilling to believe that 61 home runs is the record, you’ll be firmly in the minority. The closer Stanton gets to 61 homers, the louder the bleating will get. And I wasn’t expecting Stanton to be an active part of this chorus.

But what I want is some consistency. I want there to be some logic applied to both ends of the silliest MVP criteria. If Trout wins the 2017 MVP because of the same retroactive reasoning that’s kept him in second place in some years, that would be extremely amusing to me, and I wouldn’t complain at all. He’s owed a couple.

For now, though, this is all premature. The statistical case for Trout isn’t quite there because of the time he missed, and the emotional case for him isn’t set until we know if the Angels are still going to be contending when the deadline for submitting ballots comes.

Still, this is the purest test for the must-be-on-a-contender zealots. Without Trout, the Angels don’t have a shot at the postseason. Without Altuve, the Astros are still in pretty good shape. If you’re limiting the definition of valuable to include only players on teams with a postseason chance, your choice is clear. Even if you’re still wrong.

Now that we’ve settled that, I would like to congratulate Aaron Judge on his MVP award. It’s an annual tradition around these parts for me to write an early article about an awards race without mentioning the player who actually wins it, so you’re welcome, Yankees fans. You’re absolutely welcome.

There are a couple of numbers that stand out when comparing Stanton’s historic 2017 run to Bonds’ 2001 run

He would still be 12 home runs short of breaking the single-season home run record, though. I’ve run the numbers and run them again. It always checks out.

There are a couple of numbers that stand out when comparing Stanton’s historic 2017 run to Bonds’ 2001 run. The first is that Bonds hit 73 home runs in 2001, which is more home runs than anyone else has hit in one season. The second is that Stanton has been walked intentionally nine times this year, and Bonds was walked intentionally nine times that June. He took 142 unintentional walks from pitchers who wanted no part of him, whereas Stanton is currently at 49 unintentional walks.

However, she still doesn’t consider herself a trailblazer, only Marshon Lattimore Jerseys a scout. Which is one of the most important ways for more female scouts to be hired full-time on other teams. If a female scout is only just a scout, then that will eventually make it not even necessary to put a “groundbreaking” or “trailblazing” qualifier on her role.

Most importantly, and something that everybody could probably stand to remember whether they are breaking gender barriers in their industry or not, she knows that she is never done learning and absorbing the industry.

“I have so much to learn still. This is such a profession that Lorenzo Taliaferro Jerseys takes so many years to fully understand and you’re continually learning. My dad, 40 years into scouting, is still learning something every time he goes to the park. So I definitely think that I just want to be the best area scout I can be right now. But I love the scouting aspect of it. I really think that I want to stay in the scouting side of the game.”

Hopefully she will be learning and growing as a pro baseball scout for years to come. Which, based on her commitment and perspective on the role, seems like a good bet.

Ichiro Suzuki to the Seattle Mariners, Re-imagined in 1997

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In the morning following a game that was the living embodiment of taking a fully charged punch from Donkey Kong in the gizzard, I think we all deserve a bit of space from this moment. Instead, join me here, out on the porch with a tall glass of ice cold lemonade, dreaming and re-imagining a window that could have been.
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Fernandez’s mother, grandmother, five-month-old daughter Penelope, and Penelope’s mother, Maria Arias, all took time Monday to remember the dearly missed Marlins standout in various ways.

As the Fox broadcast noted in its coverage, the bullpens at Wrigley Field were moved underground in the offseason. So the only way relief pitchers can interact with the opposing team’s bullpen is through monitors in the ‘pen.

That didn’t stop the relief units for both Arizona and Chicago from having fun with each other throughout the delay.

Their antics included the Cubs pitchers donning rubber animal masks (which is simultaneously hilarious and a tad frightening), both sides having a dance-off, Diamondbacks players setting up a bobsled pantomime and human bowling display, some upside-down uniforms, and Carl Edwards Jr. fishing for his teammates.

Rain delays can be slogs, depending on how long they last, for players and for fans. But not always, if people want to get creative and a little (or a lot) weird during their down time.

Between both Lancaster and Asheville, J.D. Hammer (such a great name) has 13 saves in 14 opportunities, with a 2.36 ERA, 42 innings pitched, and has limited opposing batters to a .182 average with no home runs. Requena has a 2.85 ERA on the season with 97 strikeouts in 117 total innings pitched.

49ers rookie Reuben Foster earns starting LB job

Reuben Foster has been named a starter by 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan, according to the team’s website.

Shanahan told reporters after practice Tuesday that Foster earned the starting position at weak linebacker. However, the position can still be usurped by another linebacker should he perform better than Foster in the coming weeks.

That’s a lot to put on a team that barely finished above .500, 8-7-1, last season. But Washington, especially their franchised quarterback playing for his mega-contract and possibly entering his final season in town, have a chance to not only entertain the country often, but challenge the Cowboys and Giants for the NFC East title again.

The NFC East got a lot tougher since Washington’s last division title, in 2015, and there’s no real proof that they kept pace. They’ll find out soon enough with that opener at home against the Eagles, in Year 2 of the Pederson/Wentz era. Never mind chasing down the Cowboys and Giants, both playoff teams last year; they need to stay ahead of Philadelphia.

Whatever happens, everything will revolve around Cousins, who already has lost two crucial targets in free agency with DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon. He also has to break in new threats in Terrelle Pryor and oft-injured, second-year receiver Josh Doctson. The defense has to take a major leap. If it can’t, Washington will be fighting to keep out of the cellar.

Nobody will confuse this much-shorter righthander with the Big Unit, baseball’s Hall of Fame lefty. Johnson, the No. 16 overall pick by Atlanta in the 1966 draft, had the misfortune of being thrust into an expansion franchise. He went 8-28 as a starter for the Falcons, completing fewer than half of his passes (48.1) and having almost double interceptions (65) to touchdowns (34). He gets the nod over Kim McQuilken, who was terrible but for a much shorter time.dolphins_027

We have a small group of players that have made some choices that are extremely disappointing

Why they’re here: The Red Sox didn’t do as much as the rival Yankees at the deadline, but they didn’t have as many needs as the Yankees. They need David Price to be healthy, of course. A rotation led by Chris Sale and a bullpen anchored by Craig Kimbrel is outstanding, and though the offense has struggled at times, I’m still bullish on an order that includes Mookie Betts, Dustin Pedroia, Xander Bogaerts and Hanley Ramirez.

Why they’re here: Promise you this: If (OK, when) the Cubs get into the postseason, you won’t hear much about their regular-season record. The reigning champs have finally started playing like a championship-caliber squad, and they made excellent additions during the trade season — Jose Quintana in the rotation, Justin Wilson in the bullpen and Alex Avila as a backup catcher.

Why they’re here: If the Astros had added a top-three starter at the trade deadline, or made a move to add an established relief stopper (sorry, converting a 33-year-old lifelong starter to the bullpen doesn’t count), I might have considered Houston for the top spot (OK, for the No. 2 spot). That’s how impressive the Astros’ lineup is (seriously, Jose Altuve is amazing). George Springer and Carlos Correa are both on the DL, and we’ll see whether those injuries have any lingering characteristics.
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One source said that the cards did not have the proper amount of funds on them to purchase the items.
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The others are offensive lineman Kadeem Telfort, linebackers James Houston and Ventrell Miller and defensive linemen Jordan Smith, Richerd Desir-Jones and Keivonnis Davis.

We have a small group of players that have made some choices that are extremely disappointing, head coach Jim McElwain said in a statement, though he did not elaborate on the reason for their suspension. Action has been taken — they have missed some practice and will miss the Michigan game. We will use this as a learning opportunity and we will have some players step up as we move forward.

Tigers put All-Star Michael Fulmer on DL with elbow injury

It turns out Michael Fulmer’s ugly outing against the Yankees Monday was more than just a bad night.

The Tigers put their All-Star starter on the 10-day disabled list Thursday with ulnar neuritis in his right elbow.

Manager Brad Ausmus told reporters Fulmer wasn’t feeling any pain and does not have ligament damage, but an MRI showed fluid around his elbow.

The 24-year-old has been roughed up in two of his last three starts, allowing 15 total runs (11 earned) in 8 2/3 innings against the Royals and Yankees. Sandwiched between those outings, though, was a solid eight-inning showing in a home loss to Kansas City.

The 2016 American League Rookie of the Year is 10-9 with a 3.59 ERA in 21 starts this season, walking 31 and striking out 100 in 140 1/3 innings.

The Tigers selected the contract of veteran reliever Edward Mujica from Triple-A Toledo to fill Fulmer’s roster spot. The team has not determined who will make his next start.
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Elite Womens Jordan Howard Jersey Kintzler, who turns 33 , was a reliable reliever for the Brewers for a couple years, then signed with the Twins as a minor-league free agent after the 2015 season. The Twins gave him a chance to close last year, and he went 17-for-20 in the role. This year, he’s 28-for-32 in save opportunities with a 2.78 ERA.

The perception of O’s is they have been purposefully moving toward a trade of Zach Britton. Evaluator: I’d be shocked if he doesn’t move.

And, keep in mind that Britton’s eligible to become a free agent after the 2018 season, which is why he’s available. Know what other Orioles are eligible to become free agents after 2018? Mildly big names: Manny Machado, Adam Jones, J.J. Hardy and Brad Brach.