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No punishment for Lions or Matt Patricia

As far as the NFL is concerned, the matter of Matt Patricia’s past is closed.

The league has announced that it will not discipline either the Lions or Patricia, after a 1996 incident in which the head coach was accused of sexual assault.

None of this means that the NFL colluded when keeping Kaepernick unemployed. But what better way to throw dirt on the collusion trail than to try to twist and distort the real reasons for the universal (and potentially coordinated) decision to distance the league from a player whom multiple evaluators did indeed regard as a starting-caliber player?

Regardless of whether collusion is proven, and despite the reality that Kaepernick would be employed right now but for his protests, alternative facts have become a very real and viable basis for shouting down anyone who looks at the situation, considers the facts, and says, “Yeah, he’s getting screwed.” However that strategy came to be, the NFL should bottle it and sell it to Washington, D.C.

The ball will be dead if it touches the ground in the end zone. In the past the returner could pick up the ball off the ground in the end zone and run it out, but now it would be a touchback immediately if it touches the ground in the end zone. These rules are likely to result in fewer high-speed collisions on kickoffs and, the NFL hopes, fewer concussions.

“I’ll be ready for training camp, but [the team] is going to be overly cautious either way,” Sherman said.

There’s little reason for the 49ers to be anything but cautious with Sherman at this point in the calendar and that will continue to be the case for the next few months as they want the veteran to avoid any setbacks that would impact his availability come September. We’ll find out what that means for his preseason availability down the line, but, for now, the goal of having him in the lineup for Week One appears well within reach.

Jaguars owner Shad Khan makes bid to buy London’s Wembley Stadium

Jaguars owner Shad Khan has made an official bid to buy London’s iconic Wembley Stadium.

England’s Football Association confirmed it has received an offer, and reports said it could be for as much as £800 million ($1.1 billion), although the FA has not disclosed any details.

The NFL and the Jaguars later released statements confirming that Khan, who also owns the London-based soccer club Fulham, as the bidder.

“Having stadium options in London has always been critical to the NFL and, in tandem with our 10-year partnership with Tottenham Hotspur, this new relationship would allow for even greater flexibility in scheduling future NFL games in London.”

Reports in England say Khan’s offer is a £500m ($700 million) cash bid, which will allow the FA to keep its Club Wembley hospitality business and debenture, valued at £300m ($420 million).

The former LSU running back said shortly after the combine that he was asked there whether he liked men and if his mother was a prostitute.

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy issued a statement Wednesday evening (via, confirming the league investigation’s conclusion:

“Following reports concerning the interviews of Derrius Guice at the Scouting Combine, the League conducted a thorough investigation, which included a formal review and report from every club that interviewed Mr. Guice during the Combine, as well as discussions with Mr. Guice, his agent and others. The investigation did not confirm that any club made the reported inquiries. Nonetheless, we used this opportunity to reaffirm our workplace standards and emphasize the importance of fully complying with all requirements of federal and state law. The NFL and each of its member clubs remain fully committed to fair and non-discriminatory employment practices.”

The Yankees finally called up Torres, their top prospect for quite some time, for Sunday’s game against the Blue Jays at Yankee Stadium.

After so much hype, after such a wait, Gleyber Torres stood in front of his locker in the Yankees ‘ clubhouse.

He let out a sigh. He hardly slept the night before after driving East from Scranton, Pa., the home of the team’s Triple-A club. Maybe three or four hours, he said. Still, his eyes were wide

“It’s amazing,” he said.

To make room on the roster for Torres, the Yankees sent fellow highly touted prospect Tyler Wade to Triple-A.

He used to hear those “MVP!” chants from Devils fans. Now, they belong to a forward. With due respect to the scorers that preceded him in Jersey, none seemed so present and dangerous on every shift. With none of his predecessors did it seem like every time they touched the puck, something was going to happen. That’s where Hall is right now.

“He wants this. He certainly wants to win. It makes it easy to play for him,” Coleman said.

So after the best regular season of his career, Hall sets that same tempo in the playoffs, where he admits it has been a learning experience for him.

As Caldwell said, the Jaguars still have needs, but they’re just not as glaring as they were in year’s past. Though they gave Blake Bortles an extension , they shouldn’t cross quarterback off their list of needs considering Bortles is still an inconsistent-at-best quarterback. The Jaguars’ receiving corps just got gutted in free agency with the departures of both Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns , so acquiring a receiver needs to happen at some point during the draft. Linebacker is a need after Paul Posluszny retired. They could use another cornerback after losing slot man Aaron Colvin to free agency. And the offensive line needs better depth. 

So, who will the Jaguars draft? It’s pretty much impossible to predict who they’ll end up taking considering 28 players will be off the board before they’re on the clock, but based on all our mock drafts here at, the following prospects could be in play: Connor Williams , OT, Texas Courtland Sutton , WR, Sourthern Methodist Christian Kirk , WR, Texas A&M Mason Rudolph , QB, Oklahoma St. D.J. Moore, WR, Maryland Calvin Ridley , WR, Alabama As you can see, receiver was the most popular pick. And that makes sense because if the Jaguars do have a glaring need, it’s definitely receiver.steelers_126

Report: Rams holding out hope of trading Tavon Austin

The Rams are holding out hold they can get something — anything? — for receiver Tavon Austin in a trade, Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports reports. Interested teams, though, expect the Rams to cut Austin, so Los Angeles isn’t finding anything to its liking.

Austin has four years remaining on the four-year, $42 million extension he signed with the Rams in 2016. The Rams will save only his $3 million base salary with his trade or release.

He also can get $1 million for taking 60 percent of the snaps in 2019, and another $1 million for taking 75 percent of the snaps in 2019. If he takes 75 percent of the snaps in 2019 but fails to do so in 2018, he’ll get the $2.5 million escalator for 2019 as an incentive instead.

For a guy with no other current options that would have put him at the top of the depth chart, it’s not just the best deal he could have done. It’s the only deal. His only alternative would have been to wait for a starter on another team to implode or get injured.

O’Reilly, a former Old Tappan High star, threw the first complete game of his career and was the beneficiary of a four-run sixth inning as the Scarlet Knights rallied past Penn State, 4-1, to open a three-game conference series Friday at Bainton Field.

Dak ran a 4.Listen to the podcast here: https: 2016 scouting-post-2017-bruins-preview-d-sep-16.mp3 Check out the rest of the series posts and podcasts here: It’s been a slow, but I had exchange on Twitter today that inspired a new post- the first since the Vesey recap last weekend.You can’t worry about what’s going to happen tomorrow.The drawing Basquiat’s best-known pieces be primitive-looking at first glance, but the images were sexy, complex and sophisticated.

Usuallly NLA teams pay more to Swiss players because they′re more important to the teams since there is a limit to import players per team and a high numbers of players willing to sign Switzerland.Presumably, Seaver was received warmly by the sparse home crowd, then less by Bucs leadoff batter Matty Alou, who opened the game with a double to right.Teams survive those even less often than those happen.He adds: If all this happened to bring me to football, then that’s a good thing, and I just really appreciate the opportunity I’ve been given.

The Dolphins are saying goodbye to Mike Pouncey and saying hello to Josh Sitton.49ers_116

Bradley Chubb still hopes to crash the top-five party

Before the Colts traded down from the third overall pick in the draft, some thought they would target defensive end Bradley Chubb. Even with an emerging belief that there will be a run on quarterbacks, Chubb still could end up being a top-five pick.

Chubb’s agent, Erik Burkhardt, tells PFT that the former North Carolina State pass rusher will meet with five teams between Sunday night and Monday morning, in advance of his Pro Day workout in Raleigh. All of the teams with whom Chubb will be meeting currently pick within the top seven of the first round.

But Cousins was firm that he wouldn’t sign until he met the coaches and staff—he did not know offensive coordinator John DeFilippo, and didn’t know quarterback coach Kevin Stefanski well. The Jets were two (thanks to Jeremy Bates, and, presumably, a higher offer), Arizona three.

McCartney and Cousins had several conversations about all of the teams. But one point McCartney wanted Cousins to realize about the two teams was this: The Vikings were closer to winning right now, with a talented young base, and the kind of team that could win when Cousins didn’t play his best. The Jets didn’t have as good a supporting cast, and so Cousins might have to be more of a team-carrier there. And in New York, there wouldn’t be the kind of patience there’d be in Minnesota if Cousins struggled. McCartney did say last week that Cousins didn’t take the biggest deal, so that infers the Jets offered more money than the Vikings. In fact, the Broncos felt sure the Jets would be the highest bidders of the four teams.

Another factor to consider in the coming years is how expansion could help Ovechkin. Bobby Orr and Gretzky benefited from expansion. In Orr’s first seven seasons, the NHL went from six teams to 12, to 14, to 16, constantly spreading out the talent. The NHL went from 17 teams to 21 teams for Gretzky’s rookie season.

Expansion generally spreads out the talent pool, thus weakening certain teams — although the Vegas Golden Knights are on their way to winning the Pacific division crown in their inaugural campaign. With expansion to Seattle potentially on the way, this could further thin the waters.

“I wanted the invite to the camp with a chance to make the roster,” Acuna said. “I got it, and now it’s time for me to take advantage. I want to be on the opening day roster in Atlanta. I know I have work to do, and that’s why I’m early.”patriots_050

It’s not that the Browns didn’t get good players.

They did. But they were supposed to get good players with those picks. Does the “Moneyball” approach to football say that it doesn’t pay to get a quarterback?

The anthem for the 1 p.m. games was shown by CBS, but not by Fox, which reverted to the usual practice of selling that time to advertisers on the regional broadcasts. The anthem is typically only shown on telecasts on the Thursday night kickoff game and before the Super Bowl.

“As is standard procedure, regionalized coverage of NFL games airing on Fox this Sunday will not show the national anthem live; however, our cameras are always rolling and we will document the response of players and coaches on the field,” Fox said in a statement.

President Trump had tweeted at NFL players about the anthem, writing Saturday night: “Very important that NFL players STAND tomorrow, and always, for the playing of our National Anthem. Respect our Flag and our Country!”

Riveron and replay … When NFL owners voted in March to ratify centralized replay — meaning that rulings on instant replay reviews would be made from the league office, with the referee on the field merely consulting — they did so with the belief that Dean Blandino would be overseeing the new system as head of the NFL’s officiating department.

Although defense across the board is a huge need, the Sooners also needed to secure a future replacement for unanimous All-American left tackle Orlando Brown, who left early for the NFL draft. OU did just that in signing Brey Walker from its own backyard. The product of Moore, Oklahoma, just a few miles from Norman, is the No. 5 tackle recruit in the country. At 6-foot-7, 330 pounds, he already has the frame to become OU’s next big-time blindside protector. — Jake Trotterchargers_043

Ben Roethlisberger chucks a lateral to Le’Veon Bell for a last-ditch effort TD

The Steelers kept staying within arm’s reach of the Jaguars on Sunday up until the end. Ben Roethlisberger’s pitch to Le’Veon Bell for a touchdown late in the fourth quarter was one of the more impressive touchdowns.

The relegation round is not televised.The thumb injury likely cost him any chance of winning the starting middle linebacker spot that opened up due to McClain’s latest suspension, but Gachkar could still be ready for Week 1 and significant snaps during the .When the bills were introduced last – they later died at the end of the legislative term – ‘s involvement led to speculation that the incentive could help a number of his proposed projects, from the redevelopment of the former J.L.

At times, there is slippage, but that’s where you have to continue to work to develop those habits.” ENSURING EXTRA SLEEP: Listening to the experts and their players, the has gone to great lengths to lessen the wear and tear of travelling by making some alterations to the marathon-like 82-game .Tye has bulk and a strong pair of hands which makes him a nice target for Manning near the line of scrimmage.

6. Although few of the league’s top decision makers spend the entire four days at the showcase, many trickled in to see their own teams compete and keep an eye on the rest of the talent pool. There are still a lot of teams figuring out how to use open roster spots for the duration of the season, making the opportunity to see every G-League team over the course of a few days especially valuable. As of early Friday, Fourteen of 30 teams still had an open roster spot, and 10-day contracts became available on Jan. 5. It’s a real opportunity to audition.

3. I think the one byproduct of the Browns dropping the ball on the McCarron deal is that the reputation of the Cleveland front office is now surfacing. Teams do not like trading with the Browns. They feel Cleveland’s asking price, or the selling price, is too much of a moving target.

While it may take Iupati a bit longer to develop into a front line player, he could have a and productive career once he settles .Darkest time.The addition of Merrifield meant a demotion for infielder Colon, who was batting .250 with two extra-base hits 16 .But they claim the title as the worst team of the cap that wasn’t actively trying to be bad.

Which is the best team no one is talking about?

Big baller of the night: Brandon Ingram rebounded from his nine-point, two-rebound game against Toronto with 16 points Saturday. He was much more aggressive and continues to show spurts where he can be an effective scorer who is difficult to guard.

The matchup: Rubio was his crafty self with 21 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists. But Ball’s opponent didn’t go for a triple-double like Lowry did the night before, and Rubio certainly is capable of doing that.

“He’s a tough, blue-collar kid. He’ll fit this town very well.”

The Panthers would have had to make a decision on a long-term deal after the season for Benjamin. In May, Carolina exercised the fifth-year option in Benjamin’s rookie contract, which will pay him $8.5 million in 2018. That amount is currently guaranteed for injury and will become fully guaranteed if he remains on the Bills’ roster in March.

“Once we obtain this contract, we can renegotiate at any point to extend him, if we choose to do so,” Beane said.

When grading Garoppolo on his ability throw the ball with anticipation, you will find a lot of positives on the tape — especially in the quick game. On throws under 10 yards, Garoppolo went 25-of-32 for 243 yards (78.1 completion percentage) versus Arizona and Miami.

After averaging just 12 snaps per game through the first three weeks, Breida is now getting on the field for 31 percent of the San Francisco 49ers’ offensive plays since the start of Week 4. He’s a proficient pass-catcher and is a safe bet for a few targets each game, which makes him a capable bye-week replacement in the PPR format.nike_patriots-020

The Wolverines return two stars in senior guard Katelynn Flaherty Jersey and junior center Hallie Thome

Twenty-five years ago, Lourdes was the first baseman on the greatest team most baseball fans don’t know about — the 1992 Cuban Olympic team. How good were the Womens Colton Schmidt Jersey Cubans? “I would guess that most of us would have made the major leagues,” Lourdes says. “At least five or six would’ve made the Hall of Fame. Remember — we did win 100 straight international games without a loss.”
Youth Ottawa Senators #19 Jason Spezza Reebok Black Third Premier NHL Jersey
There are four teams that can all look back and wonder how things might have been different had they drafted Watson when they had the chance last spring. All of them would be better off, but only one team wouldve been elevated to a real Super Bowl threat with Watson.

The Wolverines return two stars in senior guard Katelynn Flaherty and junior center Hallie Thome, and they are Jim Otto Youth jersey picked to finish third in the Big Ten. The Wolverines were one of four Big Ten teams — with Indiana, Iowa and Penn State — in the 2017 WNIT.

Four others — Maryland, Ohio State, Purdue and Michigan State — reached the NCAA tournament. The Terps and the Buckeyes were the last two standing before being ousted in the Sweet 16.

Instead of the reduced game plan we are accustomed to seeing when a No. 2 quarterback takes the ball, the Patriots continued to run their scheme with Garoppolo in the game. Think of the quick passing game, play-action, the short-to-intermediate route tree and the core concepts that create space for wide receivers. And that continued in Week 2 versus the Dolphins, a game in which Garoppolo threw three touchdown passes in the first half.

Joe Girardis Yankees averaged 91 wins in his 10 seasons as manager, and they got to within one win of the World Series in a rebuilding year this year, and he was fired Thursday.

NFL finds no wrongdoing by Patriots in Tom Brady concussion probe

The NFL has found no evidence that the Patriots violated the league’s concussion protocol regarding any potential head injury to Tom Brady last season, a league spokesman said Wednesday.

The probe was initiated after Brady’s wife, Gisele Bundchen, said during an interview on “CBS This Morning” in May that the quarterback had suffered a concussion during the 2016 season.

Jackson could not indicate whether Garrett’s availability for Sunday’s home opener against the Steelers would be affected, though Garrett was listed as limited on the team’s injury report.

“We’ll see,” Jackson added. “I don’t want to make medical decisions. I’m not very good at them. We’ll see where we are as we move through the week.”

Garrett is set to undergo a series of tests on his ankle, but a source close to the situation told the Cleveland Plain Dealer that Garrett may be sidelined for multiple weeks.

Garrett, 21, had previously been hampered by an ankle sprain during his final season at Texas A&M last year and dealt with a minor foot issue in minicamp earlier this summer, but the injuries are not suspected to be related.

Most franchises in need of general managers hire outside consulting firms for recommendations. Detroit and the New York Jets went one step further, leaning heavily on two former GMs (Ernie Accorsi and Charley Casserly, respectively) before filling their positions with Bob Quinn and Mike Maccagnan — neither of whom had held the position before.nike_steelers_3681