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NFL finds no wrongdoing by Patriots in Tom Brady concussion probe

The NFL has found no evidence that the Patriots violated the league’s concussion protocol regarding any potential head injury to Tom Brady last season, a league spokesman said Wednesday.

The probe was initiated after Brady’s wife, Gisele Bundchen, said during an interview on “CBS This Morning” in May that the quarterback had suffered a concussion during the 2016 season.

Jackson could not indicate whether Garrett’s availability for Sunday’s home opener against the Steelers would be affected, though Garrett was listed as limited on the team’s injury report.

“We’ll see,” Jackson added. “I don’t want to make medical decisions. I’m not very good at them. We’ll see where we are as we move through the week.”

Garrett is set to undergo a series of tests on his ankle, but a source close to the situation told the Cleveland Plain Dealer that Garrett may be sidelined for multiple weeks.

Garrett, 21, had previously been hampered by an ankle sprain during his final season at Texas A&M last year and dealt with a minor foot issue in minicamp earlier this summer, but the injuries are not suspected to be related.

Most franchises in need of general managers hire outside consulting firms for recommendations. Detroit and the New York Jets went one step further, leaning heavily on two former GMs (Ernie Accorsi and Charley Casserly, respectively) before filling their positions with Bob Quinn and Mike Maccagnan — neither of whom had held the position before.nike_steelers_3681

Sometimes Brady eats meat if it’s lean or fish if it’s salmon.

Tom Brady, as far as we can tell, eats basically only lentils and does shots of wheatgrass (not a bean) if he’s feeling frisky. Guy Fieri definitely eats lentils, and all beans, but his beans are probably usually doused in barbecue sauce. Whatever, still counts.

Tom Brady eats lettuce, for sure. He probably eats it on purpose. As in, like, a salad. Guy Fieri seems most likely to eat lettuce on a burger by accident. Still — a leaf is a leaf.

Tom Brady usually doesn’t eat tomatoes, but his chef says that they “trickle in occasionally.” Guy Fieri definitely eats tomatoes, probably mostly as ketchup.

Sometimes Brady eats meat if it’s lean or fish if it’s salmon. Guy Fieri lives in a meat house, sleeps in a meat bed, and brushes his teeth with hot dogs. So yes, this is an area of overlap. Just not when it comes to the fatty stuff.

The Vikings were so convinced they had the tools to be a Super Bowl contender in 2016 that the team traded away a first-round pick to get Sam Bradford when Teddy Bridgewater went down with a knee injury. The team’s offense struggled anyway, but that was mostly the fault of an offensive line that couldn’t create space or protect Bradford.

The offensive line still looks like a big question mark for the Vikings, and it will again have to be on the team’s defense to lead the way in 2017. That’s a similar narrative to the one the Jets had before their collapse in 2016 and the Broncos had before going from Super Bowl champion to 9-7. Riding a good defense doesn’t work as often as you’d think.

Troymaine Pope goes from factory job to Seahawks’ backfield

But part of the preseason is about getting quality reps on film. If Pope doesn’t make the roster, maybe he has a chance for the practice squad — whether it’s with the Seahawks or another team.

“I really thought we saw some stuff in practice that showed us the special quickness that he has,” head coach Pete Carroll said. “He’s very elusive. He has a good burst and a good sense. I went right back after watching him and the kind of yards he made in high school. He had some huge years in high school, and he had a really big year his senior year in college. He’s made a lot of touchdowns and scored a lot of points. It was exciting to see a young guy come through like that.”

The Kansas City Chiefs gave Pope a look in the spring but didn’t see enough from him to offer up a spot on the 90-man roster.

He was asked after Thursday’s game whether he’s had a chance to reflect on the last month of his life.

“I don’t want to look back on it,” Pope said. “I just want to continue to strive towards my dream. That’s all I’m going to continue to do is work towards my dream.”

Recent history shows that a four-man depth chart doesn’t equate to team success or help the development of young passers. According to Elias, six teams in the past 10 years opened with four quarterbacks, and only two of them made the playoffs: the 2007 Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the 2009 Jets.

Those six teams probably thought they were outsmarting everybody by keeping four, figuring it was a way to address short- and long-term needs, but guess what? Of the 18 backups on those six depth charts, only one developed into a legitimate starter: the Redskins’ Kirk Cousins.

The most famous example occurred in 2000, when the New England Patriots carried Drew Bledsoe, John Friesz, Michael Bishop and a sixth-round pick named Tom Brady. The team went 5-11, but the decision paid off in the long run, obviously. Don’t put too much stock in that situation, though. Brady was a million-to-1 shot, and he went from afterthought to icon.

That’s fantasy football. History tells us that the reality is closer to the old John Madden axiom. Paraphrasing Madden: If you have too many quarterbacks, you don’t have any.

“If I was in a training camp like this, I don’t know if I could’ve made it because they’re not hitting, they’re not jamming each other and stuff like that,” said Chrebet, a member of the Jets’ Ring of Honor.

At 5-foot-10 and 188 pounds, Chrebet was undersized, but he was strong and relied on his strength to gain separation. But you know what? A football player is a football player, and he could have played in any era. He has 7,300 receiving yards to prove it.