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Colin Kaepernick Jersey timeline: Looking back at year of national anthem controversy

Saturday, Aug. 26, marks the one-year anniversary of Colin Kaepernick choosing not to rise to his feet for the playing of the national anthem. Here’s a look back at was written about that moment and some of the notable talking points and reactions that followed.

Asked to assess whether he feels his original cause has become diluted in the national conversation, Kaepernick added: I don’t worry about people losing track of what the message is, because I’ve been true to the message. I’m against systematic oppression, and voting is a part of that system. I’ve talked at length about why I believe that.
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Dion Sims Mens Jersey The recent remarks (attacks) by Admiral Harris supported by the Pentagon are over the top, and we feel the desire to make a public statement in support of our son.

As part of the restructured deal, the 49ers didn’t want to risk having to pay Kaepernick $14.5 million in 2017 if he gets hurt this year. With Kaepernick now playing well despite San Francisco’s 10 straight losses, the 49ers might be more inclined to pay Kaepernick a lower salary with more guaranteed money instead of the current pay-as-you-go model.

It took about a week to raise the money,” he said, adding that they got the idea after seeing the Beaumont team honored at the Super Bowl. We saw how easy it was to come together and make an impact.” It also gave them a chance, he said, to send those kids a message that it’s OK to take a stand for yourself.”