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The Blue Jackets¡¯ Twitter is spending its time trolling teams during the NHL All-Star Game

Twitter is one of the best parts of the NHL¡¯s All-Star Weekend. The added commentary makes a sometimes lackluster weekend a treat, and the Blue Jackets are in full swing entertaining the masses by trolling fellow NHL team Twitter accounts.

Shalunov is separated from the rest of the list for a couple reasons. First, he¡¯ll be 24 on Tuesday and has said he won¡¯t go to the AHL, so it¡¯s getting harder to qualify him as a prospect. Second, it¡¯s still uncertain whether Shalunov is willing to leave the KHL to sign with the Blackhawks.
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Jeremy Lane Womens Jersey One of the more interesting developments of the past few months was Scott Powers¡¯ reporting that Chicago has actually retained Shalunov¡¯s rights. There wasn¡¯t much talk about him over the past few years, but he¡¯s emerged in his early-20s as one of the best players in the KHL, which is widely considered the second-best pro hockey league in the world.

So now the Hawks still hold his rights ¡ª likely part of a loophole with Russian prospects that allows NHL teams to retain draft rights indefinitely due to the lack of a proper agreement between the NHL and KHL ¡ª and they may try to sign him in the summer. He¡¯s indicated he wants a solid NHL role if he¡¯s leaving Russia.

Shalunov¡¯s talent is undeniably intriguing, and if you wanted to include him in the top 10 above, he would place near the top of the list. But given the fact that he would surely come here with a European Assignment Clause, if he¡¯ll come at all, I thought it¡¯d make more sense to include him, but not as part of the top 10. If the Hawks do sign Shalunov in the summer, expect him to place highly on our next edition of Top 25 Under 25.