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Tony Gwynn Jr. will be part of the broadcast booth for San Diego Padres games this season.

The NCAA could choose to come down on Ole Miss like a ton of bricks. The Rebels self-imposed a bowl ban for 2017, but the NCAA¡¯s toolbox of potential sanctions also includes nullifying wins. (The player scoring the above touchdown, Laremy Tunsil, has been a central figure in the NCAA¡¯s investigation.) It¡¯s possible that Ole Miss¡¯ win that night doesn¡¯t last forever, at least not in the NCAA¡¯s books.

But Ole Miss obliterated Oklahoma State in this game. To imagine the Cowboys winning requires an elaborate and winding mental gymnastics routine, even if a big handful of Ole Miss¡¯ contributors are ultimately proven to have broken the rules.
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Gundy¡¯s wondering is understandable. Losses hurt. But so much would¡¯ve had to be different for his team to have been competitive that night in New Orleans.

Only 12 of a team’s 15 practices can have contact, and the first two must be non-contact. Of those 12, only eight can involve full-fledged tackling. Of those eight, only three can devote more than half their time to 11-on-11 scrimmaging, and the spring game counts as one of those three. So teams only get two pure practices of 11-on-11 scrimmaging.

He kinda started inching over and away from that blue collar, lunchpail underdog and over to an entitled kind of guy in my head.

Beyond the Box Score analyzes the stars and scrubs approach as it applies to relief pitching.

Tony Gwynn Jr. will be part of the broadcast booth for San Diego Padres games this season.

What better way to celebrate tonight¡¯s Oscars than by looking over MLB.com¡¯s baseball-themed edition?
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The Steelers had their opportunities to put the game away, but they couldn’t capitalize due to penalties and poor execution. Ben Roethlisberger looked downfield for a wide-open Antonio Brown on a couple of occasions in the second half. The first pass may have been overthrown by just a couple of feet, but the second was about 8 yards too long. Those two passes, along with a bad punt by former LSU punter Brad Wing, put the Buccaneers within 50 yards of a win on their final drive.