Paul Pierce’s buzzer-beater that wasn’t for the Wizards in 2015 was so freakin’ cool

Sure, that works. Never mind the fact that you’d normally have to be a student with good academic standing to participate in your school’s athletics. But who has time for nuance? Let’s see Air Bud do his thing.

Authentic Julien Gauthier Jersey Sitting in Madison Square Garden all day waiting for your team to play a rival is one of the best parts of the Big East Tournament. You get all the benefit of March Madness heating up combined with the knowledge that your favorite team might put forth a classic performance.

Paul Pierce’s buzzer-beater that wasn’t for the Wizards in 2015 was so freakin’ cool … until it was called off. This was the same series that Pierce didn’t call bank, he called game. I’ll never forget hearing my mom scream for like two straight minutes and the entirety of the Verizon Center shook. I wish I could forget having to explain to her that the shot didn’t count though.
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For Christmas 2004, I got a pair of tickets for Heat-Lakers. I have no idea how my parents got me those tickets and I have never asked, but I probably should. This was Shaq’s first game back in LA after his beef with Kobe finally imploded and he was sent to the Miami Heat in exchange for Lamar Odom, Caron Butler, and Brian Grant.

My younger brother and I sat in the cheap seats before the game speculating about what would happen right before tip off. Would Shaq and Kobe acknowledge each other (they did, but barely)? Would the Lakers have an emotional video package during player introductions (duh)? Would I buy an overpriced meal from the in-arena McDonald’s (also, duh)?

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